Sylvanian Families fyller 35 år Födelsedags fototävling

17 juni till 30 juli 2021

Sylvanian Families kommer från Japan. Det är nu 35 års sedan Sylvanian Families första gången lanserades utanför Japan, 1986.
För att fira detta, har vi en fototävling för alla fans i hela världen. Dela en bild där du själv har kul tillsammans med Sylvanian Families.
Det Sylvanian Families-fan, som delar den bästa bilden vinner ett fantastiskt pris!


Ta ett foto av en speciell situation eller ett minne med dig och dina Sylvanian-vänner. Lägg upp fotot och skriv lite om det!

Det kan vara vad du vill - hela din samling, en fin uppställning du gjort, din favoritleksak från Sylvanian Families eller en som du har speciella minnen med.


1:a plats

Sagofigurer (1 set)

Grönsaks bebisar (1 set)

Glass bebisar (1 set)

Bonus vinnare (5 vinnare)

Glass bebisar (1 set)

Och det är inte allt!

Vi kommer också att göra en specialvideo med vinnarbilderna från hela världen!

Hur gör man för att tävla?

1. Följ Sylvanian Families Instagram konto.

Följ Instagram Sylvanian Families Sverige (@sylvanianfamilies_se)


2. Ta en bild

Tag en bild som följer tävlingsinstruktionerna
3. Lägg upp bilden

Lägg upp din bild på Instragram. Var noga med att använda hashtags "#SylvanianContestSWE" och "#sylvanianfamilies2021"
4. Färdigt!

  • Alla bilder som inte läggs upp inom tävlingsperioden kommer inte att bedömas.
  • Det är ok att använda en bild från tidigare, bara den läggs upp inom angiven tävlingsperiod.
  • Tävlingsperiod: 17 juni till 30 juli 2021
  • Om ditt Instragram konto är satt i privat läge, kan vi inte se din bild och du kan inte vara med i tävlingen.
  • Var noga med att använda rätt hashtags när du lägger upp bilderna. Om du kompletterar med hashtags efteråt, är det inte säkert att bilderna kommer upp i vår feed.

Kriterier för urval:

  • Det uttrycker tävlingstemat
  • Det passar med Sylvanian Families.
  • Det visar att du älskar Sylvanian Families.

För att skydda ditt barns personliga integritet kommer bilder som visar ditt barns ansikte inte att tas med i tävlingen.

Presentation av vinnare

Vinnarna kommer att presenteras på officiella Sylvanian Families Instagram i mitten av augusti. Vinsterna sänds till vinnnare under september!

Villkor för att delta

Sylvanian Families Global 35th Anniversary Photo Contest


In this contest, post a photo showing a special scene or memory with your Sylvanian Families toys, with a caption describing it.
After an impartial judging process, winners will be chosen. Each winner will receive a wonderful prize.
Fans can enter the contest by following the official Sylvanian Families Sweden Instagram account (mentions of the “official Instagram account” in these guidelines refer to this account) and posting a photo on Instagram with the hashtags #SylvanianContestSWE and ”#sylvanianfamilies2021”.
Guidelines for this contest are below.
The best photos will be posted through the official Instagram account, other countries’ official Instagram accounts and on various countries’ Sylvanian Families websites.
*These photos may or may not be the winning photos.


  • · All entrants must live in Sweden and be 18 or older.
  • · All entrants must have an Instagram account.
  • *If you delete your account, your entry will become invalid.
  • *If your Instagram account is set to private, we won't be able to see your photo.


Grand Prize (1 winner)
Fairy Tale  Friends (1 set)
Veggie Babies (1 set)
Ice Cream  Cuties (1 set)

Runner-up Prizes (5 winners)
Ice Cream Cuties (1 set)

Contest period

June 17 to 11:59pm July 30, 2021

How to enter

  • 1. After carefully reading the terms of entry, like the post from the official Instagram account containing the terms of entry.
    *By liking the post, you agree to the terms of entry for this contest.
  • 2. Follow the official Instagram account (@sylvanianfamilies_se).
  • 3. Take a photo of your Sylvanian Families toys that suits the theme of the contest and is permitted by the terms of entry.
  • 4. Post the photo on Instagram with the hashtags
    "#SylvanianContestSWE" and "#sylvanianfamilies2021".
    *Make sure the hashtags are correct when you post your photo.
  • 5. You’re done!
  • *You can post as many photos as you want.

Selection of winners

The winning photos will be selected through an impartial judging process, and the winners will be announced through the official Instagram account.
The winners will receive a message from the official Instagram account through Instagram Direct, asking them to provide the details that are needed to send their prizes (name, address, phone number, etc.)

Terms of entry

All persons who wish to enter this contest held by EPOCH (“entrants”) must carefully read and agree to the following terms before entering.
By liking the post by the official Instagram account that contains these terms, the entrant agrees to these terms. If you do not agree to these terms, do not enter.
Please be aware that the content of these terms may be changed without warning.
Additional instructions provided by EPOCH, posted on this website or provided through the official Instagram account shall also be considered part of these terms.
1. Eligible entrants
  • (1)   Persons who live in Sweden and are 18 or older are eligible to enter this contest.
    If your child is too young and you find that they have entered by themselves, please delete the post.
  • (2)   Entrants must have their own Instagram account.
2. Entry period
The entry period of this contest is from June 17 to 11:59pm July 30, 2021.
3. How to enter
The following steps must be followed to enter this contest.
  • Step 1: Follow the official Instagram account (@sylvanianfamilies_se)
  • Step 2: Post a photo you have taken to your Instagram account, with the following hashtags:
4. Points of caution and guarantees
  • (1) Entrants who do not agree to these terms are not eligible for the selection process.
  • (2) If you edit the hashtags afterwards, your post might not show up in our feed, which will mean that your photo will not be seen during the selection process.
  • (3) If your Instagram account is set to private, your photo will not be seen during the selection process.
  • (4) EPOCH reserves the right to disqualify entrants in the following cases:
    • a. Cases in which the account from which the entrant posted their photo is deleted
    • b. Cases in which the entrant has unfollowed the official Instagram account
    • c. Cases in which the entrant is selected for a prize but cannot be contacted by Instagram Direct
    • d. Cases in which the entrant is deemed to have violated these terms
    • e. Cases in which EPOCH deems that the entrant has cheated
  • (5) Rights to entries or prizes cannot be transferred or sold to a third party or otherwise disposed of or given away.
  • (6) All entrants are responsible for costs and obligations associated with contracts required in order to enter this contest, including Internet, software and the device or phone that is used.
  • (7) By posting a photo, entrants indicate to EPOCH a guarantee that they hold the legal right to post the photo and all other data in the post, and that the posted content does not violate any rights belonging to a third party.
5. Disclaimers
  • (1) EPOCH accepts no responsibility for any damages or other issues resulting from an entrant’s failure to comply with the terms of entry.
  • (2) EPOCH accepts no responsibility for the actions of any third parties posing as entrants except in the case of a wilful action or oversight by EPOCH itself.
  • (3) EPOCH accepts no responsibility in the event that any entries to this contest are impacted by abnormal occurrences including but not limited to a software or hardware malfunction, fire, power cut, poor network conditions, earthquake or emergency.
  • (4) EPOCH accepts no responsibility for any disputes with a third party regarding an entry in this contest.
  • (5) All information on this contest is subject to change without warning. EPOCH accepts no responsibility for any damages incurred by any entrants as a result of such changes.
6. Prohibited actions
The following actions are prohibited when entering this contest.
  • (1) Actions that violate laws, regulations or these terms
  • (2) Actions that impede the processes of this contest
  • (3) Actions that cause a nuisance, detriment, damage or discomfort to EPOCH or another party
  • (4) Actions that defame or damage the reputation of or trust in EPOCH or another party
  • (5) Actions that violate, or may violate, the intellectual property rights, rights of likeness, rights to privacy, reputation or other rights of EPOCH or another party
  • (6) Provision of information for commercial purposes, advertising or solicitation
  • (7) Disorderly or indecent actions
  • (8) Actions deemed by EPOCH to be unsuitable for this contest
  • (9) Actions deemed by EPOCH to be malicious or inappropriate
  • (10) Other actions similar in nature
7. Guidelines for photos
EPOCH reserves the right to disqualify any photos that do not meet these guidelines.
  • (1) Photos must show at least one  Sylvanian Families product
  • (2) Photos must be taken by the entrants themselves
  • (3) Entrants cannot post photos that have been used by the company for ads or other materials in the past
  • (4) Photos must not contain any of the following:
    • a. Characters other than Sylvanian Families characters
    • b. Content that is significantly unsuitable for the Sylvanian Families world
    • c. Any indecent content
    • d. Content that violates rights belonging to another party, including but not limited to copyrights and rights of likeness
    • e. Other content covered by “Prohibited actions” above
8. Use of photos
  • (1) By uploading a photo, entrants grant EPOCH and other companies in the EPOCH Group (“the EPOCH Group”) irrevocable global rights to use the photo free of charge (including but not limited to duplication, display, posting online, publication, exhibition, distribution, screening, public dissemination and translation) for the following purposes:
    • a. Materials for use in relation to contests (including the announcement of results), campaigns and other activities such as future advertising by the EPOCH Group.
    • b. Websites, official social media accounts that are managed, used, organized, participated in or published by the EPOCH Group.
    • c. Events and exhibitions (including facilities, etc.), printed materials, promotional materials, advertising materials, etc.
    • d. Other branding, marketing, promotions, etc. by the EPOCH Group.
  • (2) The EPOCH Group may sublicense the above usage rights to third parties.
  • (3) The EPOCH Group may alter or otherwise modify photos when using them.
  • (4) The EPOCH Group may or may not show details such as the entrant’s name and/or account name.
  • (5) Entrants may not assert moral rights against the EPOCH Group.
  • (6) The EPOCH Group accepts no responsibility in the event of a dispute with a third party regarding copyrights or other rights belonging to a subject in a photo. The entrant is responsible for engaging in the process to resolve the issue, and all costs must be borne by the entrant.
  • (7) Copyrights for any images, videos or audio content created by the EPOCH Group for this contest belong to the content creators. The EPOCH Group may partially edit an entrant’s photo in the event that the photo conflicts with laws concerning rights of likeness or copyrights.
9. Receiving prizes
  • (1) One grand prize winner and five runner-up prize winners will be selected from the photos that are entered in this contest.
  • (2) Winners will be contacted by the organisers. If a winner does not reply within one week, they may lose their status as a winner.
  • (3) In cases where it is not possible to send a prize, such as those where a winner did not enter their address correctly or could not be contacted, the winner will lose their status as a winner.
  • (4) Prizes can only be sent within Sweden.
  • (5) Entrants cannot win more than one prize during this contest period.
  • (6) Prizes may arrive late for reasons outside the organisers’ control.
  • (7) The items given as prizes and/or the schedule of the contest may change.
  • (8) Rights to prizes belong to the winners cannot be transferred or sold to a third party.
  • (9) Winners are solely responsible for all taxes incurred as a result of winning their prize(s). By accepting their prize(s), winners agree that EPOCH is not responsible for any associated taxes.
10. Handling of personal information
Personal information provided by entrants will be used for purposes related to the execution and promotion of this contest, such as contacting entrants about this contest, sending the prizes, managing entries and announcing winners. Refer to our Privacy Policy for full details on how personal information is handled. Identifying data such as location information will be deleted from photos before they are used.
11. Other terms
  • (1) EPOCH may cancel or postpone this contest or change the details of the contest, including these terms, without warning.
  • (2) EPOCH’s rights to the terms and conditions indicated herein apply regardless of whether EPOCH exercises those rights.
  • (3) This contest and these terms are subject to Swedish laws. The Swedish Court holds the exclusive jurisdiction for any disputes associated with this contest.
Enquiries about this contest
If you have any enquiries about this contest, please contact the organisers using the contact details provided below.
*Please note that the organisers cannot answer enquiries about the status or results of the selection process.
  • EPOCH Traumwiesen GmbH
  • Contact details:
  • Open 9am till 5 pm Monday till Friday
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