The Final Results of The Election

Sylvanian Families ELECTION

Thank you so much for all of your votes!

The Voting Period:
The Voting Period: April 1 to May 29, 2020
* The voting period is over.

Duck Family
Duck Family
Thank you all for your votes! We enjoyed the attention so much because it's been a long time!
Sheep Family
Beaver Family(1986)
Beaver Family(1986)
We wouldn't dream of being chosen the second place! We wonder if that's because of our charming front teeth?
Sheep Family
Sheep Family
Sheep Family
Thank you for voting for us! We couldn't do this without your support!
Sheep Family
  • Goat Family(2013)


    Goat Family(2013)
  • Midnight Cat Family


    Midnight Cat Family
  • Wildboar Family


    Wildboar Family
  • Soyokaze Cat Family


    Soyokaze Cat Family
  • Friesian Cow Family


    Friesian Cow Family
  • Mole Family


    Mole Family
  • Skunk Family


    Skunk Family
  • 11Beaver Family(2013)
  • 12Panda Family
  • 13Chocolate Rabbit Family
  • 14Whiskers Cat Family
  • 15Persian Cat Family(2019)
  • 16Walnut Squirrel Family
  • 17Red Deer Family
  • 18Lavender Rabbit Family
  • 19Koala Family
  • 20Acorn Mouse Family
  • 21Splashy Otter Family(2018)
  • 22Gray Cat Family
  • 23Cottontail Rabbit Family
  • 24Caramel Dog Family
  • 25Marshmallow Mouse Family
  • 26Racoon Family(1995)
  • 27Meerkat Family
  • 28Gray Rabbit Family
  • 29Ivory Rabbit Family
  • 30Hedgehog Family
  • 31Teardrop Bear Family
  • 32Elephant Family
  • 33Persian Cat Family(2015)
  • 34Deer Family
  • 35Gray Cat Family
  • 36Nonohana Rabbit Family
  • 37Otter Family(1993)
  • 38Milk Rabbit Family
  • 39Dalmatian Family
  • 40Chocolate Dalmatian Family
  • 41Maple Cat Family
  • 42Fox Family(2002)
  • 43Brown Bear Family
  • 44West Highland Terrier Family
  • 45Cream Cat Family
  • 46Sea Breeze Rabbit Family
  • 47Raccoon Family(1986)
  • 48Sea Otter Family
  • 49Bear Family
  • 50Brown Rabbit Family

The Families to Be Available at Retail!

* The details will be announced on our website before the product release.
* Unfortunately we are unable to respond to any inquiries related to the product release.

Beaver Family(1986)

Duck Family

The Duck Family Who Ranked The Frist.
One or some members of the Duck Family are to be introduced into the market around spring in 2021!
Please wait for the upcoming announcement!

The Special Movie Coming Soon!

You can meet the families ranked in TOP 10 in the movie!


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